What's next for Matt Damon after The Martian?

Matt Damon might not be Hollywood's biggest star, but he's certainly put himself back on the map thanks to his hit sci-fi blockbuster, The Martian which is currently ruling the box-office.

No doubt offers of more substantial roles will come in on the back of its success, but until then, what is Mr Damon already committed to?

His next release is the new Bourne movie, which as of yet has no title. Damon returns to the franchise as both the lead and the film's Producer, and it's due for release next Summer.

The Great Wall, a film about the construction of the great wall of China which also stars William Defoe. It's described as a "mystery thriller" and isn't due for release until November 2016.

Way off in December 2017, Matt will hit the big screen in new comedy Downsizing. It's all about a guy who realises he'd have a better life if he were to shrink himself, and it co-stars Reece Witherspoon and Neil Patrick Harris. 

So that's how Matt Damon's diary is looking for now. At least two out of three of those shouldn't be shit!

The Martian is out now.


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