Film Review: Forget what you've heard, Spectre IS better than Skyfall...!

“It was good, but not as good as Skyfall” said one cinema-goer as I left the auditorium having watched Spectre.   “Really?” I thought. “Do you REALLY think that?... Or, are you just parroting what you’ve heard everyone else say?”.

The name's Bond. James Bond.

The name's Bond. James Bond.

Cos this is the thing, friends. You will have heard this line a million times by now, from film critics, your friends and whoever else but what exactly makes Skyfall any better than Spectre, I wonder? 

Skyfall has got Judi Dench in it I guess, but so what?  The reality is that Spectre is actually the best Bond film of all time.  Even (but only just) better than Casino Royale. Bigger stunts, more locations, bigger set pieces, sexier cars and best of all, a script sharper than Daniel Craig’s suit collection.  The script is what sets this film apart; Spectre is funny, with some killer one liners that just about had one woman in the audience pissing herself for real (it’s highly probably she actually did given the volume of her gaffaws).

Even Sam Smith’s iffy theme can be forgiven, because it actually works beautifully with some classic Bond credits that'll have you feeling moist at the sheer golden sexiness of it all.  They kick in after some brilliant scenes taking place at a huge and mysterious Mexican parade which sees Bond scrapping whilst hanging out of a helicopter and results in an entire building falling to the ground (and it’s not the only one to do so in the movie). BOOM! Things have certainly changed since The World Is Not Enough. 

What else makes Spectre so good? Well, the Bond girl is STUNNING which is rather essential. Shame we don’t get to see this Bond girl in any bikini clad beach scenes, but she’s so hot she’s at risk of making the ice melt in the Austrian scenes.  Woof! She’s played by Lea Seydoux and she can shake or stir us anytime.  Naomi Watts also adds some sass as Moneypenny and we can see why Bond wouldn't klck her out of bed either.

We wouldn't say no to a ride on this train. 

We wouldn't say no to a ride on this train. 

Ralph Fiennes does a good job as M, delivering some of the sharpest lines in the film ("now we know what C stands for" being the best), whilst Andrew Scott puts in a perfect understated performance as mad Max Denbigh who, unlike the rest of us, isn’t such a fan of the “00” programme and wants to put the whole thing to bed, even if that means carnage on a global scale.  

Christopher Waltz plays villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld as a classic Bond baddie; You can’t help but expect to see him spinning round in a chair whilst stroking a pussy at some point, which he doesn’t quite do but he does come dangerously close to doing so.


As for Daniel Craig, we went into Spectre expecting him to be past it, but the man is cooler than ever and it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Bond anytime soon. (And SURELY once this recoups its £650million budget, Sony will be able to tempt him back with a huge wad of cash).


Man of the Match though is Ben Whishaw, who is hilarious as he exasperated gadget man Q and his comedic scenes with Bond are a joy.


We’re not going to give anything about the plot away, other than it starts with Bond rubbing a mysterious ring (behave!) which leads him on the trail of mysterious organisation Spectre, and some twist and turns which are rather close to home.   It’s simple to follow, with some great plot development along the way, brilliant set pieces and a fantastic ensemble cast, leaving you hooked to the the very end.


It all looks stunning too.  Action takes place in Mexico, Rome, Austria… and London is showcased beautifully with some fantastic scenes along the Southbank, which include a great sequence whereby Bond cruises the Thames on a speedboat in pursuit of a chopper.

Spectre has everything you want from a Bond movie - and more, and as we say, the only thing missing here that was in Skyfall is Ms Dench and come to think of it, that’s not quite true anyway…

We watched Spectre on Showcase Cinema De Lux's incredible X Plus screens, boasting a massive wall to wall image and exceptional dolby atmos 360 degree sound, giving us the ultimate Bond experience.  Our Verdict on Spectre:  4.5 out of 5. 

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