Showcase Cinema's XPLUS screens are re-writing the rules of cinema.

For years, cinema goers have had a choice. Go and watch a movie on a standard multiplex screen, or pay a tonnne of money to go to a ridiculously sized screen in an IMAX.

Now, XPLUS auditoriums at Showcase and Showcase Cinema de Lux cinemas are re-writing the rules of the big screen experience, offering cinema-goers a super-sized experience without burning a hole in the pocket.

XPLUS features a giant wall to wall, floor to ceiling screen, with next generation projection giving crystal clear definition to give the best and brightest picture in either 2D or 3D. 

Completing the XPLUS offering, to give the ultimate in cinema entertainment, is the Dolby Atmos sound system which delivers a fully immersive, powerful and dramatic listening experience like no other!

Just imagine a movie like Jurassic World, James Bond SCEPTRE, the new Star Wars or Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on the largest, loudest, crispest screen you can think of.   Awesome eh? 


The fantastic XPLUS auditorium is now at Showcase Leeds, Showcase Nottingham, Showcase Cardiff Nantgarw, Showcase Cinema de Lux Derby, Showcase Cinema de Lux Leicester and Showcase Cinema de Lux Bristol - and XPlus is also coming soon to Showcase Reading.

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