The Version Interview: Game of Thrones actress Charlotte Hope on her new movie, North V South.


Steven Nesbit’s gritty new movie North V South tells the story of two criminal underworlds with a long history.   The stylish action thriller stars Freema Agyeman, Keith Allen, Brad Morore and Games of Thrones actress Charlotte Hope. 


The Version had an exclusive chat with Charlotte to find out more about the film, which is released this month.


The film premiered in Edinburgh last month, how was it received?

 It was received so well and we are really excited about the official release at the end of August. We filmed in Bolton and Leeds which was great, I had the best time. I have really fond memories from this film. 

The film has a great cast, what was it like on set?

 The cast is fantastic and as much as the film is quite intense we all got on, bonded really well and became pretty close. It was really great to work with some brilliant talent on this job. 

This is a real gritty drama, what’s the difference filming something like this to Game of Thrones?

 Oh so different, so different. Gritty in different ways. Game of Thrones was a dream job for me, but this is one story, British and quite real. It's quite far removed from Game of Thrones in every sense. 

Can you tell us a bit about your character, Willow?

 Willow is very different to my character on Game of Thrones. Willow gets into some scrapes in the film and is quite a complex character which made it great to work on in this way. 

I was interested to see you run your own company, Self Tape.  Can you tell us about that?

 Yes, wow, so basically I have an American agent and a lot of the auditions or work we do needs to be self taped and sent over there. I decided to set up my own business for this so that other actors can learn how to self tape and push their careers forward. It's a great business for me to be involved with in terms of downtime inbetween jobs and I meet some great people. 

Are there any characters/actors you didn’t get to work with in Game of Thrones that you would have wanted to?

 Oh all of them. Game of Thrones was a surreal job because there are so many great people in it but you rarely work with many of them. I basically worked with the main characters in my scenes but luckily got to hang out with the rest of the cast at lunch times and press parties. It was fun but there are too many to list that I would have loved to work with. 

How does it feel to be part of such a phenomenon?

 It feels great. It's an absolute treat and honour to be involved in such a great project and I know how lucky I am. 

Finally I must ask about the beautiful film of Les Miserable that you were in. How was that?

It was great, my first big feature film and such a dream to be part of it. I also got to sing in the movie which I loved and so I would love to do stuff like this in the future. 

North V South is out NOW.


Words: James Edgington for The Version


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