Fantastic Four is anything but, judging by the reviews.

MARVEL's latest blockbuster release, a reboot of Fantastic Four, has failed to live up to its name either at the box office or with critics.The studio's new release (out here on Friday) may have charted at No.2 in the box office charts, but it's takings are poor for a MARVEL offering and put it significantly behind Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.As for the critics, they barely had a good word to say...


Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News: "A self-destruct mode is apparently automatically included in any film adaptation of Marvel's 'First Family of Superheroes.' This is the third attempt at a movie franchise -- and the third lame result."

A.O. Scott, The New York Times: "The human drama is meager. Once again, the only real pathos belongs to Bell's Ben, who finds himself trapped in a stony new body and weaponized by a ruthless government. Teller stretches, not as an actor but as a digitally enhanced body. Jordan burns in the same way, and Mara disappears. Her character also has the power to make other things vanish. I would say she should have exercised it on this movie, but in a week or two that should take care of itself."

Ali Plumb, Empire Magazine: "For better or worse — mainly for worse — the first two Fantastic Four films were a forgettable flurry of spandex, kid-friendly quips and bubblegum pantomime. Eight years later and Josh Trank’s take is the exact opposite, channelling Chronicle’s grittiness to make a dour, dank and thoroughly think-y version of Stan Lee’s original superhero team".


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