Tom Hardy goes Kray Kray in 'Legend'.

Directed by Brian Helgeland and staring Tom Hardy and Emily Browning, Legend is a British crime thriller.  Based in the east end of London  in the 1960s, Legend tells the story of the notorious Kray twins, their rise and the violent and irrational acts that lead to their inevitable down fall.


Tom Hardy plays both the twins in what was no doubt a challenging undertaking. He is charming and smooth as Reggie; amusing and frightening as Ronnie. The plot mostly focuses on Reggie and his fraught relationship with his brother Ronnie, a violent, paranoid schizophrenic, as he push him to the limits of brotherly love.

The plot also focuses on the love story between Reggie and his young wife, a fragile and troubled woman, played by Emily Browning. For some viewers this romantic and unsurprisingly tragic subplot detracts from the more brutal and interesting side to the Krays story which gets a bit lost in amongst it. The real Kray twins story is one that will continue to intrigue and shock people but this film unfortunately doesn’t really do either in an outstanding way.

A perfectly fine film and worth a watch if there’s nothing better on. Tom puts on a good performance as can be expected as he seemed to channel some of his Bronson thug attitude. There are some shocking bits, a little laughter but all in all left us wanting much more from it.

3/ 5 

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