Forget the race row, The Oscars Academy are completely out of touch with their film choices!

The Oscars are coming and as ever, it's the "epic" movies which we're being told are going to sweep the board. Step forward The Revenant, a film that ticks every box as far as the Oscars Academy voters are concerned. Yes, that means it's long, it's unusual and there's some nice landscape to look at.  Leonardo Di Caprio is favourite to win the award for best actor for what, in our eyes, is three hours of him  as a lone man shivering and looking in pain following a mauling from a bear. And, erm, that's about it.  He delivers little dialogue. Little emotion.  And yet, he's going to take the award.

Same with the film itself.  It's a film so slow, serious and boring that it's got Oscars written all over it.   It's going up against The Martian (lone man tries to survive), Bridge of spies (lone man tries to do great things during the war) and Spotlight. Whatever that is. 

There is one token blockbuster in the mix, Mad Max, but there's about as much chance as the Spongebob movie taking the award.   The thing is, the Oscars just take themselves too seriously.  The best film in the past year was surely Star Wars, and perhaps SPECTRE close behind it and yet neither of them are up for many major awards.  Sure, film is art, but isn't it also meant to be entertaining?

Which part of Leonardo shivering for three hours is entertaining exactly? Even the nice scenery wore off on us after 5 minutes, and we've seen someone climb inside an animal carcass done better before. Hello Bear Grylls. 

Same with the best actor award.  Leonardo, Matt Damon and of course Eddie Redmayne... all in roles which from what we've seen were written with the Oscars in mind. They're just too knowing.  You an almost hear the Producers pitching these roles to the actors with the Oscars in sight.

Do you have to portray someone going through a horrific or lonely ordeal in long drawn out scenes to show off your acting skills?  No. Not in our view you don't.

Why can't the Oscars represent what the people actually enjoy at the box office?  Where's the nomination for Jurassic World?! Avengers of Ultron? Furious 7? Minions? Mission Impossible?  What does Di Caprio do in The Revenant that Taron Egerton doesn't do in Kingsman?

It's a crying shame that box office takings count for nothing as far as the world's biggest awards ceremony are concerned and it's a travesty that the only real film awards relating to what the public actually like comes in the form of a crass ceremony courtesy of MTV.

If the Academy could please just be a bit more in touch, we'd love that.  Maybe then we'll see Affleck take an award for his portrayal of Batman next year.  

Or maybe not. 

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