Jurassic World is coming to Sky Movies!

Jurassic World is coming to Sky Movies.

After recovering from the first Jurassic Park's teething problems two decades earlier, Isla Nublar is now home to an even more spectacular theme park, full of living, breathing dinosaurs. But to keep the crowds coming, chief exec Bryce Dallas Howard is determined to unveil Jurassic World's most awesome 'attraction' as soon as possible. Unfortunately, just as dino-trainer Chris Pratt questions the wisdom of enhancing the DNA of prehistoric predators, all hell breaks loose. Or at least fifty feet of it... Just when you thought the Jurassic era was over, along comes another blockbustersaurus so fast and ferociously entertaining it'll leave you with bite marks.

The record-breaking film will be available to Sky Movies subscribers from 1st April.   On the same day, Entourage, Tracers and Knock Knock (On Demand only) will also première.


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