the version interview... Sam Mendes and Monica Bellucci, as SPECTRE gets its DVD release.

Taking in more than $850 million (USD) worldwide, SPECTRE dominated the worldwide box-office making it one of the most successful Bond movies ever, shattering records in nearly every market it was released, led by a historic performance in the UK.  The latest installment from one of the longest-running film franchises in history gives fans never-before shared insight into the complexities that made James Bond the man he is today.

Sam Mendes

Q. What has it been like creating a new film to conclude the stories?

A. Playing a difficult game, probably one that hasn’t been played in a Bond movie before is trying to make all of Daniel’s Bond movies feel like they’re linked, story wise to one figure. There is inevitably with that, a sense of conclusion and that was intentional.

Q. What do you think of Spectre?

A I wanted to bring in many of the things that I loved when I was a twelve year old watching a Bond movie, the cars, the glamorous locations and the romance and the wit as well, the mischief of the earlier movies which I felt because of where Bond was as a character in Skyfall we weren’t quite able to achieve, it wasn’t through lack of trying but when a character is weak and has been injured and is coming back to strength, it’s very difficult for them to crack wise and make jokes whereas here it’s much easier to have fun with it so I wanted some of that flavour and it is nostalgic, there’s a nostalgic element to the film, the last film was shot on digital and this movie we shot on film. This has got more romance in it, a bit more of an old school flamboyance I think. I think the choice you make when you make a second film using the same characters which is basically what we did here is whether to remake the same movie in a different form or something completely different and the only thing that interested me was to make something totally different in its surface for the emotional journey to continue for real.

Q. What are your thoughts on the iconic opening sequence?

A. I’d been to Rome and spent a bit of time in Morocco and I’d been to the Alps but I’d never been to Mexico City so there was that, the newness of it, I’ve travelled but I’d not been here so that was a new excitement and the fact that the energy of the place and what we were attempting to do involved so many other people whereas there’s a sort of isolation in some of the other chases, the city really was a character and the people were characters in the movie and that gave us a huge boost of energy and also because it had come halfway – everything leading up to Mexico City had been very difficult – Mexico City was a big turning point for the movie and everything after that turned out to be much much easier. I think a lot of it had to do with what happened here, it’s not a coincidence, put it that way that we’re here for the North and South American premiere because it’s a huge part of the movie.

Monica Bellucci

Q. Tell us your thoughts on the opening sequence?

A. Mexico City gives a big present to the film because I think the first ten minutes are amazing, the sequences are unforgettable and is very much in the tradition of Bond. I realised that London for the premiere was great and amazing and then I went to Rome, Madrid and Mexico, it’s been the same across the world so that’s why I think it’s so iconic for an actress to be part of this Bond institution.

Q. Can you tell us what attracted you to this role?

A. I wanted to work with Sam Mendes and I respect him so much as well as having those beautiful moments of acting with Daniel and my character Lucia, although is not there for a long amount of time has four very strong scenes. The moments of fighting and kissing with Bond are moments of passion and with Lea Seydoux, the female characters are about love. What I like is the evolution of femininity, Lucia is a woman from the past and Madeleine represents the future, the modernity of the woman, she’s younger and more in control and she knows what she wants so it’s a beautiful message for women.

Q. What do you think is the appeal of Spectre?

A. We can see in this film that we have all the elements, we have some action moments, we have some violence but in a cinematographic way and beautiful female roles and even James Bond has become romantic because Sam and Daniel together really created a Bond that isn’t just a killer or just a rational man in control but he has feelings and emotions and that becomes human.



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