Deadpool just re-wrote the rules for Superhero movies.

We'll be honest. We knew sweet FA about Deadpool before we went to see it.  We were totally unfamiliar with the comic book creation, and didn't know much other than from the bits we'd read in press releases, telling us how great the film was going to be.

We knew it was tongue in cheek, we knew there was some piss taking and we knew this was going to be a far cry from Man of Steel - but we didn't know just how bloody good it was going to be.

From the very beginning, the tone and pace are set. Ryan Reynolds doing an awesome job of bringing Deadpool to life with wit and arrogance whilst at the same time remaining likeable.  This is different to other superhero movies. Bad language, filthy jokes.... this is anarchy, and this is Deadpool sticking two fingers up.

When the film begins, Deadpool is already a thing, but through flashbacks we find out exactly how he came about and just who is under the mask - and why.  We also meet his creator, bad man Ajax played brilliantly by British actor Ed Skrein.

We can understand why die-hard comic book/Marvel/superhero movie fans might not like Deadpool, because it is, afterall, taking the piss.  But, we reckon it's the perfect antidote to a overly crowded market and we cannot rate it highly enough.

Our Verdict: 4/5.  Book your tickets now via

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