Review: Eddie the Eagle, out now on DVD and Blu Ray.

Heart-warming, funny and enjoyable British films are few and far between these days. Infact, we can’t remember the last one we saw.

That’s why Eddie the Eagle is such a gem.  Perhaps it’s because lying beneath it is the story of an underdog, and we all like one of those. From The Full Monty to Billy Elliot, a real heart-warming Brit Flick can, if done right, become a classic and let’s make no bones about it, Eddie the Eagle is just that.

From director Dextor Fletcher this is in some ways a painting by numbers job. There’s a doting mum, a dad who disapproves of Eddie’s career choice, a charismatic mentor and of course an unlikely hero, but the film is all the better for it and some of the set pieces are simply a joy to watch.

Taron Egerton is perfect as Eddie and it’s great to see another side to Hugh Jackman, who plays his coach brilliantly. 


Whether you’re old enough to remember Eddie or not, this is a classic feel good family film which will have you laughing all the way.

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