Everything we know so far about Deadpool 2.

When Deadpool hit cinemas in early 2016 in surpassed all expectations. The film became a huge success, earning over $783 million, to become the highest-grossing R-rated film, the highest grossing X-Men film, and the 9th biggest movie of last year.

It as no surprise when a sequel was announced and fans cannot wait for Deadpool 2.  Here's everything we know so far.

Deadpool 2

Where is it being filmed?

Filming began in June and just this week, images were released of production taking place in central Vancouver.


Who is the Villain?

Josh Brolin is Cable

Josh Brolin is Cable

This time around the Villain is Cable / Josh Summers, played by Josh Brolin.  Cable, who featured in the Deadpool comics, is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.  Cable can travel through time and knows what the future holds.   Jack Kesy will reportedly play another villain, although details of this haven't yet been released.


Who else is in it?

Characters returning from the first film include Deadpool's other half Vanessa and Colossus are both back - the latter apparently with a bigger role.


Who is directing it?

Interestingly, the sequel has a new Director - David Leitch, who is yet to prove himself with a big hit.  He part directed the Keanu Reeves movie John Wick (2014), and then went on to direct Atomic Blonde (2017) starring Charlize Theron.

Deadpool 2 may have a new director but the writing team remain the same.


What's the plot?

Plot details remain under wraps however there are certain details we do know.  The film will feature a major female character, Domino (Zazie Beetz), who has close links with Cable.  We're told Cable himself has a long and complex backstory in the Comics, which will only be touched on in the film.   Other aspects to be confirmed are the return of Weasel, and characters Blind Al and Dopinder.

Ryan Reynolds has also said the film will poke fun at sequels, so expect plenty of wisecracks. 

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool 2


When will it be released?

We don't have a UK release date yet, but Deadpool 2 is slated for release in the US on June 1.