Film Review with Showcase Cinema De Lux: Stephen King's It.

Well it's been 27 years since Stephen Kings IT was originally released and this remake or remodel does not disappoint. For anyone that grew up in the late 80s early 90's we had the luxury of having a plethora of horror films to hide behind cushions watching and the latest version is like a time machine taking you back back to that era.

The original It had a touch of the Ronald McDonald's about him.

The original It had a touch of the Ronald McDonald's about him.

In keeping with Stephen Kings books IT has an eerie fantastical haunted house feel about the storyline. There are no great surprises from the original in that a demonic clown "Pennywise" is feeding on children, why? who knows. The portrayal of pennywise is more sinister than ever and the film in parts will.have you jumping out of your seat.

The largely juvenile cast are brilliant with querky comedy interlaced in to the story line reminiscent of classic films like the lost boys and stand by me.


Without spoiling too much of the story this may well be part 1 in a series of films but will we have to wait a other 27 years?

The effects and score are brilliantly done continually putting you on the edge of your seat and unlike the original there are no dodgy visual effects which you tend to wince at. This version is based in 1988 and there is a retro feel that it takes you back to (if you are old enough to remember) the big hair, ghetto blasters and music of that era.

Bill skarsgard as pennywise is awesome. He remains the sick twisted demonic monster throughout and genuinely will have you never looking at a clown the same way again.

The very start of the film which is probably known just as well by those who haven't seen either version is very surprising and sets the tone of this newer version. It sets the tone for the movie and makes it very intensive and compulsive viewing.

All in all it is a great movie and is a rarity in that it is actually better than the original in my opinion. Enjoyable, compelling and comical in parts a real retro horror flick for all to enjoy.


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