Deadpool and Jungle Book lead Sky Cinema's December Highlights

Movie fans are in for a treat this December on Sky Cinema, with premieres including Deadpool, Junglebook and Zootropolis.

In Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds banishes any lingering memories of Green Lantern as he squeezes back into the spandex to play Marvel’s anarchic anti-hero. He goes from wisecracking mercenary to red-suited avenger when a supposedly life-saving operation leaves him hideously disfigured and unable to face sweetheart Morena Baccarin. Understandably miffed, he vows to hunt down those responsible armed with a gun-filled duffel bag, twin samurai swords and a Salt-N-Pepa mixtape. Brit Ed Skrein (The Transporter Refueled) plays big bad Ajax, while Mr Pool gets a helping hand from Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller and a pair of lesser-spotted X-Men.

Spectacular special effects and a starry voice cast breathe new life into the classic family tale, Jungle Book. The songs have been ditched but other than that Jon Favreau’s film is a faithful retelling of the glorious Disney original. Newcomer Neel Sethi plays Mowgli, the only living, breathing actor dropped into a hyperreal digital landscape that’s home to the colourful critters we all know and love. Ben Kingsley voices Bagheera the panther, Scarlett Johansson is hissing snake Kaa and Idris Elba provides the scares as fearsome tiger Shere Khan. Best of all, though, is Bill Murray’s Baloo, the slacker bear who gives Mowgli the lowdown on enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

In Zootropolis, Disney delivers a buddy cop caper with an anthropomorphic twist. It’s set in a bustling city populated by all manner of critters, predators and prey overcoming their natural inclinations to live side by side – at least for now anyway. One of the newest residents is little Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin). She’s the first rabbit to graduate from the police academy and is determined to do her species proud, quickly sniffing out a missing-animals case that could go right the way to the top. To crack it she’ll need a partner and he comes – albeit reluctantly – in the form of Jason Bateman’s sly hustler fox.

Other premieres in December include How to Be Single and Zoolander 2.