Sky Movies set date for Southpaw premiere.

Sky Movies have confirmed the première date for Jake Gyllenhaal's critically acclaimed boxing movie, Southpaw.

Gyllenhaal stars as a champion boxer forced to rebuild his life and career after tragedy strikes. He plays the almost impossibly ripped Billy “The Great” Hope, a boxer famed for a brutal smash-mouth style that requires him to absorb enormous amounts of punishment en route to victory. He’s also the reigning light-heavyweight champion and appears to have it all, swanning around the luxurious mansion he shares with childhood sweetheart Rachel McAdams and their young daughter Leila (Oona Laurence).

Unsurprisingly, the good times quickly come to a screeching halt. A scuffle with a rival gets out of hand, a major character bites the big one and Billy’s grief sends him hurtling down the rabbit hole of drugs and booze. It takes losing custody of Leila for him to hit rock bottom, though, and it’s at this point he turns to Forest Whitaker’s veteran coach Tick Willis. Anyone smell a redemption story?

It doesn’t have an original bone in its body, but the impressively staged fight scenes showcase Gyllenhaal’s remarkable physical transformation and there are solid performances from both Whitaker and Matilda star Laurence.

Catch it on Sky Movies on demand & Sky Movies Premiere from Friday 22 April.

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