The Version Interview.... Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson on The Hitman's Bodyguard.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson star in new action movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which is released in cinemas nationwide this Friday.

Here, they tell us what we can expect from the film.

Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds

Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds

Guys, what was it like working with each other?

R: I think we both knew we had chemistry, once in a while you see someone who lives in this community we all work in and you just know you one day want to work with them. Samuel and I have only ever done an animated film together so we’ve never worked together like this.  Chemistry is everything in a movie like this, you’re kind of dead if you don’t have that.

S: And if you don’t know the other person’s work in a specific way then you don’t know how to approach that and I don’t think we had any problem understanding who each other was and who they’re supposed to be. When you understand that, you understand how it needs to work.


Tell us about your characters?

R: Well mine is kind of a joke really both in his personal life. He’s full of humour, he’s a tight ass.  He’s not good at the important stuff.  This guy here, offers a lot to learn from.

S: I have passion.

R: Yeah he has the passion and it’s a great fit. He’s good with the heart.

the hitman's bodyguard poster

What was it like on set?

R: Sitting in a car with this guy for that long we had lots of breaks, I remember one time we just sat there singing terrible songs and rocking back and forth.

S: I would just make songs up and we’d sit there cracking up.


Any favourite moments to film?

R: One of my favourite moments came when I have to do this action scene in one shot, it goes on for like four minutes straight, it was great.


There’s a bit of a love story going on right?

R: Sure, well there’s a love story between myself and Amelia and between Samuel and Selma’s character but moreso there’s a love story between us two guys essentially.

S: Yeah well it’s me giving him life lessons that nobody has given him. Nobody has taken the time to explain to him how relationships work and he has no idea why he is not in a relationship with this woman. He thought she was in love with him and he has to figure it out.  The guy who is supposed to have it together has no clue, but the guy who is meant to be merciless is the one who really has a clue about the heart you know?

R: Yeah the hardened killer is the most emotionally advanced guy in the movie!