Film Review with Showcase Cinema De Lux: The X-Men Apocalypse (out now).

The X-Men are back in ‘Apocalypse’ and despite being the fifth film in the franchise, there’s no sign of it flagging. In fact if anything, The X-Men Apocalypse re-energises the franchise with a strong narrative, brilliant special effects and a fantastic cast.

We begin in the Nile Valley, Egypt in 3600BC where the original mutant Apocalypse is causing carnage amongst the Pyramids. The credits whizz is forward to 1983 where the re-awakened Apocalypse returns with vengeance, declaring “I have returned!” looking like a green grim reaper.  He sets about gathering his four horsemen with the intent of taking over the world.  They include the stunning dominatrix Olivia Munn and Alexandra Shipp as punk baddie Storm.  

As you’d expect in any Hollywood Blockbuster, top Military bods can only look on in horror – but thankfully The X-Men are around to save the day.  We get ayoung Cyclops played by Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner off ofGame ofThrones as Jean Grey and of course Michael Fassbender’s Erik/Magneto and Jennifer Laurence as Raven/Mystique.  James McAvoy is as good as ever playing Charles Xavier.


There’s an awful lot going on in X-Men Apocalypse but it’s no bad thing. If anything, it proves comic book movies don’t have to play dumb and there’s plenty going on to keep the viewer hooked all the way through. Director Bryan Singer does a great job with some stunning set pieces such as the slow-mo scene set to the Eurhythmics tune ‘Sweet Dreams’ which looks amazing.

We watched The X-Men in the Director’s Hall at the Showcase Cinema De Lux, Leicester, where you can watch in perfect comfort with a complimentary soft drink and popcorn.  The Director’s Hall is an exclusive, intimate auditorium that offers film lovers the perfect setting in which to enjoy the latest in blockbuster entertainment. Relax and enjoy the film with extra-wide leather seats and reserved seating which can be booked online in fully air conditioned surroundings.  Before and after the film you can make use of the stylish bar which serves a whole range of snacks, cocktails and other beverages.

Our Verdict: The X-Men Apocalypse excelled our expectations and makes for one hell of a blockbuster ride.   4/5.  Book your tickets now via

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