What's on Sky Cinema this week?

Looking for a good movie to watch on demand this week? We take a look at the Sky Cinema Première's for the week commencing 18 July 2016…

BODY (Available now)

An idyllic Christmas holiday turns deadly when best friends Holly, Cali and Mel break into a local mansion they believe to be unoccupied. But they quickly realise they're not alone and a moment of panic leads to a grisly murder. With a dead body in the living room, the house's remaining occupants begin to self-destruct. Claustrophobic psychological chiller.

White Bird in a Blizzard (Available Tuesday 19 July)

Shailene Woodley is terrific as Kat, a suburban teenager whose struggle towards adulthood in the late 80s is not helped by her oddball mother Eve (Eva Green) - especially when she disappears. Knowing how unhappy Eve was, Kat and her father (Christopher Meloni) have no choice but to let her go and move on. But that doesn't stop her revisiting Kat in her dreams. A mystery wrapped in a coming-of-age drama inside a nostalgia trip for Generation X-ers; writer-director Gregg Araki's take on Laura Kasische's novel will leave nobody's curiosity unpiqued.

Tangerines (Available Wednesday 20 July)

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, carpenter Ivo (Lembit Ulfsak) refuses to leave the region for his old Estonian homeland. He helps neighbour Margus (Elmo Nuganen) harvest his annual tangerine crop. ..but soon there are more pressing concerns. Fighting between Georgian and Russia-backed forces leaves several wounded near Margus' orchard, with Ivo looking after opposing troops Ahmed (Giorgi Nakashidze) and Nika (Mikhail Meskhi). Naturally, the former wants to kill the latter... but their period of recuperation has a humanising effect.

Jeruzalem (Available from Thursday 21 July)

Smart glasses replace smart phones in this devilish, Cloverfield-style Israeli horror. Los Angeles student Sarah Pullman (Danielle Jadelyn) is heading to Israel with her friend Rachel (Yael Grobglas). She's got WiFi-enabled "Smart Glass" specs that allow her to video-chat, and snap photos. On the plane, Sarah finds herself attracted to an ancient history buff, Kevin (Yon Tumarkin), who persuades the girls to accompany him to Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv. However, it proves to be anything but a holiday.

Ant-Man (Available from Friday 22 Jul)

Big roles don't come much smaller than Marvel's Ant-Man, but Paul Rudd fills his boots as Scott Lang, a petty thief who - thanks to scientist Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) - is able to shrink to a fraction of his real size and increase his strength. Together, the reformed con and his mentor plan a heist that will not only safeguard the Ant-Man technology from the voracious mandibles of the evil Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll), but could actually save the world.


Against The Wild 2: Survive The Serengeti (Available from Saturday 23 Jul)

When their plane crash-lands in the African savannah, siblings Emma and Ryan are forced to put their bickering aside and live on their wits until the rescuers arrive. But despite their resourcefulness, it's certain that their survival depends on their fellow passenger - a fearless malamute dog called Chinook. The dust never settles on a safari tailor-made for thrill-seekers and nature lovers of all ages.

McFarland, USA (Available from Sunday 24 Jul)

Disgraced American football coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) lands up in a dusty Californian college attempting to train Hispanic students in a sport which has no appeal for them. However, he spots their latent talent as runners and sets about building up a cross country team that can compete at state level. Solid yet subtle triumph-over-adversity tale with a strong turn from Costner as the firm-but-fair coach.

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