Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 might just be THE blockbuster movie of the year.

With a killer soundtrack, razor sharp script, an uber-cool cast and some outstanding visuals, the Guardians of the Galaxy are back for their second outing.

Looking absolutely stunning on the Showcase Cinema De Lux screens, the movie starts with a bang and the pace never lets up.   Harsh critics would call this formulaic, but we call it another episode of everything you loved the first time around.

Awesome 70’s soundtrack? Check.  Chris Pratt delivering the lols? Check.   Rocket stealing the scenes? Check.  It’s all here.

In terms of the plot, it mostly centres on Peter Quill’s Father finding him and then playing hell.  New allies and new characters from the Marvel Universe come into play as the Guardians fight to remain united.

It’s the mix of characters that make GOTG what it is.  New to the mix this time around are Baby Groot who provides a layer of aaaws and laughs, Mantis who provides some plot development and Gamora, a golden beauty who gets increasingly pissed off by our heroes. Aside from a couple of cameos which miss the mark (the Hoff and Sly Stalone), all the characters hold their own and the action will keep you hooked right until the very end.


Our Verdict:  This might just be THE blockbuster movie of the year. Book your tickets now via