The Version Interview... Delta Goodrem on her new single, Wings.

Delta Goodrem’s new single Wings is available now.

It recently soared up the ARIA chart to claim the Number 1 spot. Wings is Delta’s 9th Number 1 single since releasing her first Number 1 hit in 2002 with Born To Try.

She has achieved multi-platinum-selling status with 16 Top-10 hits, three Number One albums, and over eight million records sold worldwide. Delta Goodrem this year celebrates her 15th year in the music industry, having first been signed by Sony Music Australia at 15 years of age.


We caught up with her during her promo trip to London...



How are you enjoying London?


It’s great, it’s so nice here although I am working the whole week. I’m here Sunday to Sunday and it’s non-stop but it’s really good. We had a secret gig last night and it felt really special.  It’s good to do pop up shows, more intimate shows… it was in an art gallery and it means a lot to be able to do that you know, just stripped down and having a blast and it doesn’t matter what order you do things or how you do things because it’s just about that intimate setting with the fans, I loved it.  Then on Saturday I’ve got G-A-Y and I’m expecting that to be a blast!


What do you like to do where when you do get time off?


Oh you know, go for walks, go to the parks, I love how people drink tea here every five minutes, I love taking in the sights, seeing the London taxis.  I spent a lot of time here years ago but now it’s almost like discovering the place with fresh eyes and it’s just great here, I will definitely get some down time here next time I come. 



We love your new single Wings, can you tells us a bit about the story behind it?


Thank you, yes the song is really about breaking down the walls and finding freedom and how when you want to break free and just fly.  I like to have fun and surrender to the moment.  You know I love performing ballads but equally I love doing up tempo stuff, playing with the instruments and letting go.


Was it a conscious thing not to come back with a ballad?


Yes it was, I didn’t want to do another ballad. A friend of mine said to me that people love what I do with ballads but actually there’s a really fun side to me that I haven’t really shown in my music and it’s not all about singing serious songs and I thought yes, absolutely I will get out there and show people that side to me.



You wrote the track, can you paint a picture of the ideal environment and conditions in which you write music?


Good question yes the perfect setting is at home, with the piano. I have a room with no other furniture, just windows with great views and I can kick my shoes off and be totally comfortable. I do write on the road as well, but that is definitely my perfect setting.


You’re a coach on The Voice Australia, how comfortable are you judging other people?


Well I don’t see it as judging I genuinely see it as coaching because at the end of the day we get to work with these new artists and it’s about helping them be the best they can be.  I really enjoy it, Ricky Martin is a kindred spirit of mine I love him… it’s a real ying and yang panel this year but I think that’s great and we do all get on but equally we all want to win, and we want our artists to win.


It’s hard to believe you’ve been in the business for fifteen years! Is there anything you’ve learned in that time that you wish you had known when you began your career?


Oh I’d tell myself so many things! It’s hard to say though in a way because I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I hadn’t have had all of my experiences but I think probably I’d tell myself to listen to my parents! Mama definitely does know best put it that way! It was very intense when I very first came out and I haven’t got any regrets, but I have learned how to deal with sharing my soul with anyone and I’ve learned to take it all in.


You always have an air of elegance and beauty, what do you think about other artists like Rihanna and Miley who are so sexualised?


Thank you, well I just think there is room for everyone and everyone has different ways of expressing art. I’m strong headed and I do my own thing, especially now I’m thirty. Nobody has ever tried to push me to be something I’m not or to do things differently, it’s all about the music for me in the end.  I guess when I first started I may have had to fight a bit for what I wanted but I know who I am.


What have you got coming up other than your Australian tour dates?


Cats! I am doing the lead in Cats in Australia and I can’t wait to do that, it’s going to take up the next three months of my life and it will be intense but I am so excited. You know, working with all the dancers is just amazing, they are all so fit! You should have seen me in the first week of rehearsals I was like, oh my god!


You’re fit though!


Thanks but no I felt so sick, I don’t know how they all do it.  I can’t wait though, I get to do it for three months and I will just sing my heart out. I met with Andrew Lloyd Webber this week and we discussed the songs, especially Memory. Memory is such an iconic song and I want to do it justice so it is about completely understanding that song. If you’re going to do musical theatre, you want it to be an Andrew Lloyd Webber show and I’m going to be doing it over Christmas and it will be so special.


Will it come to the UK? When are you back here?


I don’t know, I mean all I know is that I’m doing it for three months in Australia but we’ll have to see. Once that’s wrapped up I will definitely be back here promoting a new album and doing some more shows and of course drinking more tea!


Delta Goodrem’s new single Wings is available now.


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