Interview: Martin Garrix talks to The Version.

19 year old Martin Garrix is one of the world’s hottest DJ’s, having worked with Usher, Tiesto and Avicii among others. His track ‘Animals’ has been watched an incredible 580,000+ times and counting and his latest track with Usher is a global smash.

The Version caught up with Martin to find out more about the man behind the decks.

Martin, dance music is dominating the British music charts right now – why do you think it’s become so huge?

Yeah it’s crazy right, it literally exploded. Hard to say why it became so huge, maybe partly because of all the big dance festivals expanding all over the world. I love the way it keeps on growing, it’s sick to see all these people with the same passion for music in like every different continent!

You’re the youngest ‘Superstar DJ’ in the World but you’ve already achieved so much.  What advice would you give to someone who wanted to break into doing what you do?

You have to work very hard, explore and experiment. Trigger yourself to find your own sound and go for it!

Your diary is rammed, with dates in Europe, LA, Brazil, the US, Canada and the UK.   How do audiences differ in different parts of the world?

It’s funny but the Europe crowds are mostly the crowds who can be difficult to play for, eventually they go all crazy, but you have to win their hearts. The US and UK crowds are really diehards, they go totally wild!

You must have loads of money in the bank! What do you spend it on? 

I’ve hardly time to spend any haha ;-). I try to catch up with family and friends as much as I can, go on holidays now and then.

European countries like Sweden, Denmark and Estonia are very cool at the moment, leading the way in music, fashion, food. Why do you think that is?

I think it’s a culture thing, they have a quite different state of mind and a special feeling for style and new creative stuff. Love that!

There’s a big trend at the moment for DJs to host radio shows – how would you feel about doing more of that here? 

I already do some radio shows, like my show I did for Radio 1! It’s great, cool way to stay connected with fans and play new tunes!

You worked with Ed Sheeran; is there any kind of artist you wouldn’t work with?

I am quite open minded when it comes to collabs and different music styles, if I like the music or song it could be possible that I would do a collab like that. Who knows.

There’s a huge appetite for you to do a full album, when do you think it’s likely to materialise? 

I honestly don’t know, I have so many singles coming up. Planning a lot of studio time when I finished my summer tour, but no concrete plans for an album or something like that.

Finally, as such a popular and respected DJ right now, how are you going to ensure you continue to innovate? 

By working very hard, never stop experimenting and exploring.

Don’t Look Down by Martin Garrix ft. Usher is out now.

The Version