The Version Interview.... Spector at Reading Festival 2015!

Spector is a four-piece indie rock band from London, who have been smashing it on the scene since 2011.

The Version caught up with them backstage at Reading Festival 2015 to get their thoughts on the festival as we interrupted their conversation about Frankie & Benny's and Harvesters...

Hi guys, so that's a good starting point for our interview, are you Harvester men then?

Yeah I love a bit of salad bar on the side! It's my favourite dish on the menu. Sorry, shall we get on with it?

Yeah ok, so this is your fourth time here?

It is. Not in a row though. We did a few, then a break, now we're here. We're the only band to play BBC Introducing AFTER the main stage, which shows we are getting smaller.

What brings you back?

The bookings! The contracts! Ha no it's one of our favourite festivals. Coming from London we started here, graduated to Glastonbury, did V... if we did have a home crowd at a festival, it's here at Reading. And Leeds of course. Formerly known as the Carling Weekender.

We remember those days when you could take any beer to the beer tent and they'd swap it for Carling! Did you do that?

Yeah we did! Yeah great days. They burnt all the other beers! We'd go and get Sainsburys basics cans and swap them for Carling. It was the cheapest way to get drunk.

If you could go back in time and meet yourselves before your first Reading performance, what advice would you give yourselves?

I'd just shoot myself. I would say, relax, even though it's a great gig you can't freak out, you have to relax and be professional.  In 2011 and say it's ok to fuck up because there was no iplayer or anything. We played it like it was our last ever Reading, because we were so nervous.  The BBC Introducing stage got the gig of our lives!  I think at the end we said 'see you next year Reading!' just to be sure!  Leeds the next day, wasn't so good. It was like finding your goldfish dead in the bowl, that was the impact we made there.

So how does playing here in 2015 compare?

We have two albums worth of material to play which is so much better, we're a better band, we're energised, we've calibrated, we all got engaged to fans, we'll be fall of beans quite literally and... no we're not really engaged to fans, i'm only engaged on the phone, or my toilet is engaged.

So you're playing new tracks?

There will be a 60/40 mix but don't tell the fans that. We will play some old stuff too but there is a lot of new material which is more fun for us.  

How do you gage audience reaction?

The roaromitre!  We don't really, we don't know, we just see how many fans turn up I think!  Some songs today will go down like a lead balloon but for our sake, they're good.

Where does 'moth boys' come from?

We had that name for ages, you don't have to be a boy to join the gang, it's inclusive. Moths flying are always male though aren't they? I don't know. It's about a spirit, a mood or a united feeling.  Something like Duran Duran's wild boys, but this is sad boys meeting the boys of summer.

How was it meeting Stuart Pearce in the week?

An absolute pleasure. We didn't know he was going to be there, it was great that he came down to our gig. 

Who else are you going to see today?

Annoyingly, our friends played yesterday. Our mate plays in Jamie T's band and that was yesterday. Charlie XCX we will see. We have to leave before Metallica. Ash are playing, i'd love to see them. 

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