Gregory Porter steals the show at Radio 1's Ibiza 20 Weekend.

Gregory stole the show over Radio 1's Ibiza Weekend in Ibiza with 2 live performances including a surprise live performance with Disclosure on Friday night. 

Gregory has become a dance scene success, particularly in Ibiza…. Gregory Porter's ‘Liquid Spirit - Claptone Remix’ is the biggest track in Ibiza at the moment (most shazamed track in Ibiza!!) and available to stream now on streaming services including Spotify and available to download. 

Gregory who is primarily known in the UK for his jazz/soul inspired vocals recently remarked on his success within the dance music scene, telling Huffington Post: “I think even though I’m prominently known for singing jazz influenced songs, my influences are actually very broad and include a lot of soul, blues and gospel music which are vocally the foundations of many of the classic dance tracks we all know and love. So I suppose it’s not a huge leap for Disclosure to use my vocals on their tracks as they are influenced by the garage scene which used a lot of soul vocalists, but I never expected to be so welcomed and have such success in the dance scene, it’s been fantastic.” 

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