Watch the debut video from the brilliant Eddie Brett.

Born in 1991 Eddie Brett is an East London wordsmith writing Poetry and Music for whoever wants to get involved.

His journey started when he first heard Iron Maidens ‘Beast of the beast’ album playing and decided that that was what he wanted to do. He saved up to buy his first guitar with money he had earned from selling sweets at school however was frustrated to find that owning a guitar did not automatically mean you could play it. Unable to play other peoples songs he decided that the only way he could start gigging was by using the few chords he knew to write his own. He soon started to prowl the various open mike nights of east London and Essex before deciding that he wanted to start a band. This is when he set up the Loveable Rogues with his college mates. After an amazing 5 years of gigging all other the place and releasing their debut album ‘This and that’ he felt like the Rogues work was due a break and it was now time for him to work on a new solo project in order to give him the opportunity to explore himself and his poetry further.

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