The Version Interview... Collabro's Michael on his theatre show, Edges.

Not content with having two massive albums under his belt, 25 year old Michael Auger from Collabro has now set his sights on producing musical theatre.

The classical singer has produced Edges, a musical which has won rave reviews in its short stint at London's Theatre Workshop.  We caught up with him to find out more.

Michael, where did the desire to produce muslcal theatre come from?

I was on tour earlier in the year and I was thinking I wanted to put my business degree to good use and do something with my spare time.   I have always loved musical theatre and started getting some amazing songs together and later formed my own company Peak Productions with an aim to give new talent a platform.

What does producing actually involve?

It varies, but in my case, a lot! I take on a number of roles. I only have a Director and Musical Director so i've literally done the rest, with some help from Jamie from Collabro who is brilliant with Social Media and things.  So I have done lots and it's been a real learning curve. Things I thought would take five minutes took a week!

What reaction have you had to Edges?

I've had a great reaction. The cast have been phenomenal and everyone has picked up on that. There's no dialogue in the show and people have left saying they'd love to hear more songs so that's great they're leaving wanting more and not the other way round.  We've had some brilliant reviews from some top theatre reviewers so I couldn't be more pleased for my first project.  We've got three dates left this week and then two at St Paul's Actors church, see for all the details but those two last shows will simply be the songs being sung which will be great.

So what's next, then?

The cast love the show and want to keep performing it. I've learned lots, especially in terms of getting an unknown show promoted, but I have some great contacts like yourselves who have helped me out. I'm definitely up for doing more of this.

More of this rather than Collabro?

No, my ideal is to do both. I'd love to be able to tour with Collabro whilst knowing one of my shows is on stage and then when I have time I can join the show maybe. That's the ideal, doing both for sure.   

And what's next for Collabro?

We're busy. We've just had a fitting for the Pride of Britain Awards this week, and then we're going to Japan in November for a tour which will be amazing. Then we're looking at going to America at some point and our next UK tour runs February to April 2016 and that's already selling really well, so there's lots going on.

You were talking to Hannah from X Factor this week, what advice would you give to people in her position?

Well, obviously we can't say how far she gets in the competition but the artists on that show need to know that the others singers aren't their competitors.  It's not about beating the others at the end of the day in a competitive sense if you know what I mean, the public will vote for who they like regardless.  So they should support one another. And in terms of her or others already having experience in the industry I don't see why that's a problem at all, because if they've not had a record deal, why shouldn't they get to go on that big platform? That's what it's all about.  We were lucky we had no previous experience so didn't get any bad press and we're still counting our blessings.

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