The Version Interview... Nick Jonas on new single, 'levels'.

Following the chart-topping success of his single ‘Jealous’ and follow-up hit ‘Chains’, multi-platinum selling recording artist and actor NICK JONAS released his brand new single ‘LEVELS’ today. Now available via all digital retailers, the up-tempo smash was produced by Ian Kirkpatrick and The monsters and showcases JONAS’ impressive falsetto. ‘LEVELS’ is the debut single off the Island Records artist’s second solo album, due out early next year. 

The Version got on the phone to Nick in LA to find out more...


The Version is an online lifestyle and entertainment magazine, do you read that kind of stuff yourself?


Well, I’m really good at look at stuff on Twitter and industry stuff. I mean, I keep up with the charts.



What about more lifestyle websites to get fashion and style ideas etc?


Yeah well I like to keep up with the latest fashion for sure.  I try to keep on top of it as best I can.



Jealous was such a huge hit, does that create additional pressure for new releases?


No you know what, Jealous was very successful and so was Chains and it’s just about trying to keep that success up for sure, but I don’t feel pressure, like it’s not a b bad thing in anyway. I just want people to enjoy the music I put out, and if they do then that’s cool.



You’re always travelling and doing promo, how do you unwind?


I’m a huge fan of golfing, relaxing with a cigar and a drink… I’m an old man really! I have a solid game of gold, I love it.



I was interested to see you’ve done some work with Miss America?


Yes that’s huge here, I curated the music which was great.  I learned a lot working behind the scenesand I want to do more of that.



What about working on a show like X Factor? As judge perhaps?


I guest mentored on The Voice and I would love to go back.



Tell us more about your new single, Levels?


It’s really exciting. I realised I had a bunch of great songs for the album and Levels was a song that my song writing friend but in front of me and I was reall y into it.



You’re doing some acting soon as well aren’t you?


Yeah I’m doing Kingdom, I play a fighter in that.  So there’s that and there’s another new show called Goat, which is a drama produced by James Franco.  I’d love to do more acting, I want to lose myself in a part and just continue to grow as an actor.



Will you be back in the UK soon?


Yeah, sure. I’m in the middle of a U.S. tour right now but yeah, I want to get back to the U.K. soon.  It’s great there, I love London I have a lot of friends there so I love going out for great food and seeing people.



The BRIT Award nominees will be coming out soon, how would you feel if you were nominated?


Wow man, that would be amazing, it would blow me away.



And if you’re not nominated, who would you be routing for?


Ed Sheeran is amazing. He’s so good live. Sam Smith as well. 



Would you be up for doing a different kind of track, say for example a dance tune with Calvin Harris?


Yes! Totally, I’d love to do a track with Calvin Harris. I think he’s amazing and Disclosure as well. It would be so great to do something different like that, I’m totall up for that.


‘LEVELS’ will impact on October 2nd. Available now at

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