the version interview.... Alex Mytton on his new single, Letters.

Made in Chelsea star Alex Mytton has taken his music career another step forward with the release of his electronica music track, Letters.

the version had an exclusive chat to find out more about the track and his plans for the future.

1.      Tell us about ‘Letters’, what was your process making it?

Letters is pretty different stylistically to anything I've made before and I wasn't sure at first whether I'd actually carry on and release it originally, it was kind of just a project! It's 100bpm which makes it a lot slower than previous stuff I've done. It took me about 5 months in the end to get it ready for release and actually weirdly has ended up sounding like something you can imagine being played on MIC!! I worked with my buddy JJ on the vocal once I had laid down the barebones of the track.

2.      What reaction have you had to the track whilst playing it to a live crowd?

It's not a track that I regularly play out during my sets as it's not a bread and butter dance track per say and the majority of my gigs are heavily dance orientated but the reaction has actually been really good, people coming up and asking what the name of the track is etc. 

3.      How seriously are you taking your music career? What’s your ambition for it?

At the minute I'm just taking it as it comes, things have been going really well so I don't want to jinx it! It's something that I love doing and if I can make a success of it too then that's a double bonus I guess! I'd love to be able to take it further and play in front of 10's of thousands one day!

4.      What else do you aspire to achieve career wise?

Other than the music side of things I've got a few other things in the pipeline which I can't mention too much about now but I hope they do well. I'd also love to at some point develop my own brand if I can focusing on coats and jackets because I'm a little bit obsessed. 

5.      Which other artists do you rate and take inspiration from?

ahhh so many ranging from the older guys like Jimi Hendrix, the doors, Daft Punk, Prodigy to guys like Dusky, Bondax, Icarus, Edx, Hot Creations, Hot since 82, Subfocus, DJ SKT, Plastik Funk & My Digital Enemy, Scuba, Jamie Jones, Dubrocca, Christoph, Claptone, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, SHY FX, DJ Fresh

6.      What plans do you have for the summer, are you going to be doing live dates
in Ibiza, Majorca etc?

SO excited for summer!! Think it will most likely be similar to last year and I will playing across Europe, Ibiza and maybe back in the states if I get the chance. Think I'm heading out to play in Amsterdam in about 2 months and potentially Dubai which will keep me entertained. I think I'm definitely a summer kid, can't wait. 

7.      Can you tell us about any experiences you’ve had of jealousy from other
reality tv stars who perhaps don’t have an actual talent like yourself?

Haven't experienced this to be honest

8.      Have a great sense of style, tell us about your favourite brands?

ah cheers. Get a lot of the basics from Topman, Zara, Reiss, I have, no joke, about 30 different Reiss coats and countless pairs of shoes from Topman!  Love Sandro, Joseph, Saint Laurent, Ami, Acne for the slightly rarer items. I spend a lot of time in Selfridges! 

9.      You have a reputation as a bit of a player, how comfortable are you with
people’s general preconceptions of you?

Well I guess people are always gonna form their own opinions, I don't really see myself as a proper player but whatever people think of you I guess you just have to take it in your stride and never take it too seriously, be yourself. Not going to lie, I've been pretty bad in the past so I do accept that some people felt that way about me

10. DJ's tend to get a lot of attention from women and we're sure you're no
exception. How do you deal with that?

Ahhh its fine, I have a girlfriend so I'm always on best behaviour! People do come up for photos and for a chat but its usually all pretty innocent. 

Buy Letters from iTunes, here.

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