You can now skip songs on Capital if you don't like them!

Capital radio's brand new app allows listeners to skip tracks they don't like and swap them for ones they do.

ll you need to do is update your app via the App Store or on Google Play, and swipe left when listening to live radio to enter My Capital.

In My Capital you can see the next 8 upcoming songs, and if there's one you don't want to hear, you just swipe it left (just like Tinder) to replace it with another track from the Capital playlist.

James Hickman, director of digital at Global, said: “This app is the first of its kind to combine the best of radio with the best of streaming. My Capital XTRA has been a huge hit so we are now launching it on Capital. It marks a new way of listening and is ideal for people who want a degree of control without losing the curation and content from Capital. My Capital will bring radio to a younger audience by giving them the best of radio and the best of streaming in one app.”

Ashley Tabor, founder & executive president of Global said: “We wanted to do something that’s never been done before, to create a product that was true to the values and strengths of radio, but also giving users the control they expect in a streaming world. James and his team have done an outstanding job on My Capital.”

The new app is available now.