The Version Interview... Mans Zelmerlow on his new Jacket Collection.

Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation (ZB Foundation) are proud of the cooperation between Måns Zelmerlöw och Jofama, starting from the launch of the new autumn collection (available now). Jofama will contribute to the foundation for every jacket produced in the collection. Thanks to the cooperation, the foundation can give more vulnerable children the opportunity of an education. 

Måns Zelmerlöw won Eurovision Song Contest in May 2015 with the song "Heroes" and has founded the foundation ZB Foundation along with the former tennis-pro Jonas Björkman, to support vulnerable children and youth, today in four schools in Africa. 


Mans we can’t not ask you about Eurovision. You did a great job of hosting, how was it for you?

Thank you, it was the most fun, only it was fantastic.  It couldn’t have gone better I think.  The response we got was amazing, I don’t think I’ve had a response like that for anything else that I have done.  It was a very long week and a lot of hard work, but I enjoyed it so much.


It’s moving on to the Ukraine next year but do you hope to be involved again?

Not next year I don’t think but never say never.  I’m going to try and make the most of what I’ve got out of it, I intend to keep touring Europe, I just love it.


Do you think Britain deciding to leave the EU will ruin our chances of ever winning Eurovision?

*Laughs* No way! No I don’t think that should affect anything at all.  I think actually last year the UK took Eurovision more seriously and it paid off, it was a really credible song and performance. I think the UK will build on that next year and going forward and hopefully keep improving until you win again!


You’ve got a French single out at the moment that’s doing very well haven’t you?

I have yes. I learned French when I was younger and so I wanted to put a track out in France and it’s top ten which is great.  France is actually a really hard territory to crack as an artist, unless you’re a global artist or French it’s not easy at all so I am really pleased with how this track is doing.


Any plans to come to the UK again?

Oh yes definitely.  You know I’d love to do more work in the UK, it’s up there with doing well in the U.S. I’ve done some performances in the UK and have loved it so I want to come back.


Speaking of which, any truth in rumours that you’ve been asked to do Strictly!?

No! Sadly not. There were a lot of rumours last year actually but I was to busy, but I haven’t ever been asked anyway.  I did a dancing show in Sweden a few years ago and really enjoyed it and I think Strictly would be a great way to work in the UK, I would love to do it. Maybe next year, who knows?


We need to talk about your new jacket collection. The jackets look great, where is your inspiration from?

I get my style from many different places but I think ultimately I keep my eye on Italian fashion. It all comes out of Italy really.  I have become a lot more interested in fashion recently, and I like to feel comfortable and wear current trends for sure.


How involved were you in designing the jackets in the MZ collection?

Oh very. I had assistance obviously but they’re my ideas. I designed the detail and I am so pleased with the jackets, they are definitely what I would wear myself. Really great fabrics and details.


I love the black leather jacket but also the blue one

Oh yeah the fabric on the blue bomber jacket it is so good. It looks different in different lights, I am so pleased with it.


How would you sum up your style then?

Scandinavian style with a twist… the twist being the small details and the great fabric.


The collection supports your Foundation. What can you tell us about that?

I am proud of the Mans Zelmerlow Foundation, I started it with a tennis pro friend a few years ago and now we have three school and we want to build another, plus a well.  We want to keep going. I am hands on, I really am passionate about it and when I can, I do go out to the schools and help.


How can our readers support the cause?

They can go to the website and make a donation or subscribe to give. They can buy a bracelet for about £30 and give that way.  You can also give something buy purchasing one of the jackets as well. 


What else are you working on?

There’s a new single out coming out late August and an album in November and above all, I want to keep touring and I am definitely going to ensure that includes Britain. I’ve been to Manchester, Scotland, London…. Various places in the UK before and I want to see more of it.    Follow me on Instagram and my home page and I’ll let you know where I’m at! 


Find out more about the jackets - and win one - here.