Copenhagen based singer Soleima unveils video for new single 'Wasted'

Today sees Copenhagen, Denmark based singer Soleima unveil the video for her new single 'Wasted'.

Soleima, real name Sarah Mariegaard (formerly of Danish hip-hop outfit Flødeklinikken) is making an early claim for song of the summer here, and its accompanying video does not disappoint.

Directed by Ian Isak, the video takes place in a somewhat "worn-out" city, with the emptiness of the dilapidated urban dystopia standing as one of the main themes in the video. Together with the company of 5 other girls, and one boy (producer Vera) Soleima explores the murky urban settings, ultimately finding herself soaking up the sun in a rubber-ring, in a rather picturesque abandoned swimming pool.

Soleima also adds a hidden personal touch, by wearing a traditional African dress as she stands amongst all the urban decay - on a diving platform above the swimming pool. 

The video is created in collaboration with Prxjects, a creative and experimental artlab facilitated by Mercedes-Benz. Prxjects (who have worked with Kenton Slash DemonKwamie Liv and Reptile Youth etc) have been the creative sparring partner on the video and the artwork. Speaking on their work they said: “We (Prxjects) create projects in collaboration with artists, to allow ambitious experiments driven by artistic visions rather than the pursuit of the next hit. "

Speaking a little more about the co-op with prxjects, Soleima said: "It has meant a lot for me to make this creative collaboration with the people behind Prxjects."

She went on to say: "They manage to facilitate a completely unobstructed space, where you can develop precisely the expression you want. At the same time I found them as great sparring partners, with strong creative input. Prxjects is not about the commercial potential, but solely the creative and I think it can be a rarity in pop music these days."

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