The Version Interview... The Scheme

Pop trio The Scheme have released their new video for ‘Somebody Else’s Perfect’ taken from their EP ‘Jerome Heights’ which was released October 28th.

The lads took time out of their busy schedule to chat to The Version...

How are you guys feeling about going on tour with Union J next year?

Kyle - We are super excited! We can't wait to see all the fans again and show them our freshly arranged set. We actually love being on the road. Can we go now?

We’ve all heard stories before about bad behaviour by lads on tour – what’s the
most rock and roll thing you guys have done to date?

Kris - Well on the last tour we had one night off in Newcastle and we all went to Gala bingo! 

Your new single is Somebody Else’s Perfect. What’s the message?

Aleksey - The message behind the song is just to embrace your natural self. Stop trying to be like other people and just be who you are, because you are already perfect!

How perfect are you?

Kyle - Well 100% perfect. 

The video is shot in a lovely house. Do you guys live together? What’s that
like? Dish the dirt!

Kris - Well me and Kyle live together and it's pretty much what you would imagine. A messy kitchen, stuff all over the living room and a constant fight over the remote. Aleksey lives with his younger brother, I'm guessing it's the same in their house! Haha

The video has already had shit loads of views.  How you feeling about it?

Kyle - Well chuffed! But you can always have more. We're not breaking any records yet.

You’ve partnered with  What’s the deal with that?

Kris - We have always got big smiles on our faces. It was inevitable really! 

I can’t think of many other bands of three people other than A1 and the Bee
Gees.  How did you guys form and do you not have more than 3 members because you
don’t want to be seen as a boy band?

Aleksey - Really? I can think of hundreds Rascal Flatts, The Script, Haim, London Gramma, Muse, Nirvana, The Police, Destiny's Child, Scouting For Girls, The Sugarbabes, Hanson, The Jonas Brothers, Green Day, Blink 182 just to name a few. 

Looking at the list I would say Hanson and The Jonas Brothers are both pretty good boy bands, so I don't think having three members has helped us in that department, In fact, we get called a boyband all the time.

But yeah basically we all met through the London music scene and just clicked really well. It was just organic for us to form a band and start writing together.

Christmas is coming up, what do you all want from Santa?

Kyle - Mary Berry's latest cookbook! ;-)

Kris - A Rolls Royce would be nice.

Aleksey - A guitar that can transform into any model I fancy that day!

Are you going to record a Christmas cover for The Version? 

Aleksey - Well what's your favourite Crimbo tune?

Fairytale of New York, obvs. Finnally, other than the Union J tour what else is in your pipeline? 

Kyle - Well right now we are really focused on the tour, but we will be looking to carry on gigging throughout the year and also we need to add the finishing touches to our album!


Check out The Scheme's new video, below.

The Version