Review: Olly Murs smashes it with new album 24 HRS

Back in 2009, The Version put a bet on Olly Murs to win The X Factor.  He’d appeared to be a true popstar in the making and so we spent several months rubbing our hands together at the prospect of a nice payout when the inevitable win would come at the end of the series.

Oh how wrong we are.  Beaten into second place, we couldn’t comprehend how Murs had missed out on the big one, but we just knew he was going places.

Five albums later and in 2016 Olly is perhaps the biggest solo male popstar in the country.  24 HRS is indeed 24 carrot pop gold.

There’s no doubting the title track ‘You Don’t Know Love’ was a turning point for him.  An absolute chart smash, the track demonstrated a maturity, a relevance and a perfectly produced tune which we’re still not bored of.

And YDKL very much sets the tone for the whole album.  It’s upbeat, it’s classy, it’s mature, it’s relevant and it’s credible.   The “cheeky chappy” Robbie Williams Jnr act has been dropped and Murs is now a truly established pop icon in his own right.

Recent hit ‘Grow Up’ also demonstrates his new found maturity. It’s a bouncy pop tune, it’s infectious, and it’s up there with anything Ed Sheeran or similar can produce.    ‘Years & Years’  also touches on Olly’s relationship troubles but like ‘You Don’t Know Love’ it is contemporary, grown up, and showcases the guy’s vocals perfectly.  ‘Back Around’ is another fine example of a romping track that will make you want to dance and sing along.

There are no dud tracks here at all. There is no doubting that 24 HRS is Olly’s finest work to date and perhaps all the shit he got for hosting The X Factor made the lad grow up a little and come back fighting because he’s certainly the one who’s laughing now.

24 HRS is out now. Get your copy here.