Tom Figgins releases new single, Run.

London born singer songwriter, Tom Figgins, has released his brilliant latest track' Run' (out 21.07.17), the title track from his forthcoming EP of the same name, due autumn 2017. 'Run' follows the release of EP ' Ghosts' in August 2016.

Tom's musical journey began when he started playing the 'redundant' upright piano at his home (no fellow musicians in the family!), learning the guitar followed swiftly and the songs began to flow.

To date Tom has created an impressive body of work. 'Giants Played in Wood Like These' achieving well over 150,000 listens on Spotify, featured artist on BBC Radio 2 and loads of shows have helped him build his fanbase and hone his craft. 

2017 has also seen Tom start to produce his own songs, 'Run' being the first release where he has sat behind the desk! The confidence in his new sound, alongside a particularly prolific songwriting phase, will see Tom release throughout the year.

Tom Figgins

Speaking on the song Tom quotes: "Run is a song about finding strength and freedom through moving on to something new. It describes a sudden awareness that you might explode, if you don’t get out there and change things. The chorus represents the flow of relief that inevitably follows that change and an air of hope as you step out in to the unknown. 

 The piano was the opening impetus for the whole track - I had that pattern bouncing around my head for a long time. I then experimented with numerous rhythms and melodies and the story began to build. For me, the guitars that come in the second chorus really encompass the sense of momentum and promise I've been looking for. The track finishes with a reminder or an echo of what's behind."


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Live Dates:

Sofar Sounds 3rd of August

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen - 10th of October