Ditch the 99p shower gels in favour of these grown up scents from S&F.

Scaramouche and Fandango was started by Ian Linaker and Kenny Harmel, two friends from University.  The pair were originally from corporate backgrounds and travelled regularly for business.  They noticed a lack of premium travel friendly male grooming products on the market and constantly had to compromise on quality when they travelled.  They decided to take matters into their own hands and launch a brand themselves.

The S&F range comes in a handy travel pack but also full size versions, and they offer a hydrator to address your fatigue, a shampoo with black quinoa and shea butter, a strengthening conditioner, a body wash, face scrub and shave cream.

The whole range has a mature signature scent which won't leave you smelling like you reached for the 99p range in the supermarket.  S&F is a grown up range, it looks slick, it smells great and it will leave you feeling like the bollocks - and the best bit is you'll only fork out about ¬£10 for a full sized bottle, so this is top notch stuff at a very reasonable price.

See http://www.scaramoucheandfandango.com/ for details. 

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