The Version Reviews... Byron's Monthly Special (October).

The Version have teamed up with Byron Proper Hamburgers to review each of their monthly specials.

This month, the awesome burger chain presents Run Rarebit Run! The new special is a best-of-British take on a classic bacon cheeseburger: a 6oz hamburger topped with vintage Cheddar rarebit, dry cure bacon and pickled cucumber, with a tangy mustard mayonnaise.   The cheddar and mayonnaise combo is to die-for, absolutely beautiful and when we tried the pickled cucumber we couldn't get enough!  We enjoyed the Run Rarebit Run with a side of Byron's new sweet potato fries with a stunning blue cheese dip, which went down a treat!

The burger isn't the only new special on the menu this October. Byron's latest milkshake is just incredible.  Take chunks of freshly-baked brownie, a good dollop of caramel, and scoop upon scoop of vanilla ice cream, blend it all together and you’ve got yourself a Bugs Brownie shake – Byron's latest limited edition milkshake. Upgrade it to a hard shake with a shot of bourbon, spiced rum or Baileys.  Byron milkshake is so thick and tasty, you'll think you're eating a dessert - which is why we didn't have room after polishing this off! 

Aside from the specials, Byron offer a fantastic selection of burgers which are cooked to perfection. We mean that. Boy have we had some burgers recently but these guys take the biscuit.  Brilliant, meaty burgers inside exceptional burger buns.  Another one we'd suggest trying is the B-Rex. A 6oz hamburger, onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.   It's big, meaty, and bloody satisfying! 

Get down to your local Byron to try the October specials before they run rarebit run out! 

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The Version