Barbor open flagship store in Berlin.

On October 22, 2015 BABOR celebrated the opening of the new BABOR flagship-institute in the heart of Berlin with about 250 selected guests.

Together with institute-owner Christiane Lingner, BABOR CEO Michael Schummert invited to an exclusive opening cocktail. Located next to the legendary restaurant Borchardt, the institute will offer the high-end assortment of Germany’s leading luxury skincare brand and a very special indulgent experience – first and foremost the BABOR ampoules.

During the glamorous night celebrity guests such as Jochen Schropp and Annabelle Mandeng tried those little elixirs with an almost magical effect for themselves.

Curiously they rummaged through the stylish ampoule bar and browsed the store with a glass of champagne. Among the guests that explored this future mecca for beauty fans in the German capital were also Bettina Cramer and Shan Rahimkhan. Michael Schummert, being born in Berlin, was particularly pleased: “Berlin is THE trend city in Germany and influences other metropolises in the world. It is the perfect location for our flagship-institute.”

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