Discover why Grancia Prosecco is worth celebrating.

With so much Prosecco on the market to choose from, it’s not that easy to know where to start these days.  Made from a selection of the best Glera grapes,  Gancia Prosecco is definitely up high on The Version’s list of recommendations.

Between Friuli and Veneto, in the area of the Prosecco di Treviso Afrer harvesting, the grapes are soft pressed and then vinified in white (without the skins) at 18° C controlled temperature. Particular attention is given to the fermentation temperature in order to enhance the aromatic characteristics of Prosecco.


The bottle and label design give the impression that this Prosecco is more expensive than it is (retailing at around £10.99, this bottle certainly looks the business) and taste wise, you won’t be disappointed either.  Fresh, smooth, with a slight fruitiness about it, this 11% beauty is by far one of the finest out there on the shelves right now. 


We absolutely back this as a must-have purchase for Christmas – and by that, we mean by all means buy it as a gift but just make sure you get some extra in for yourself!  Discover more about Gancia here.

The Version