Discover Khunu's Yak Knitwear and Win a Sweater and Beanie worth over £200!

Khunu was inspired by a sense of adventure and a desire to prove that for-profit business can also be "for-good". Since its inception, they've developed a fully integrated supply chain extending from the Tibetan Plateau to the United Kingdom, where many of their products are now made. In doing so they have become pioneers in creating technical Yak Wear that caters to global explorers. Khunu make YakWear for the Adventurous. 

Take for example, the Irvine. 

Versatility is the core of Khunu's latest Irvine sweater. The addition of a saddle shoulder, ribbed cuff and corozo nut buttons add an extra dimension to what has been one of our best sellers. Silent understatement and versatility are his hallmark. A perfect companion for unscheduled transcontinental journeys. 

Pair it with a Yak Beanie or scarf for a fantastic look this season.

The full range from Khunu includes stylish sweaters which feel exceptional in quality.

About Yak Wool

Yak wool is a largely unknown but very special fibre.  Yaks survive at altitudes that sometimes exceed five thousand metres in the harsh highlands of the Himalayas, and, over centuries have developed a warm coat that helps them survive such challenging conditions - fibre developed by nature, to survive its extremes.

There are 3 specific fibres yielded by yaks:

Long-Guard Fibres: traditionally used by nomads to make ropes and tents, it exceeds 50 microns, and would make strong but uncomfortable yarn and fabrics.  This is the guard hair most visible on the animal, and perhaps what leads people to believe yak wool is very coarse.

Mid-Layer Fibres: usually between 25 - 50 microns, with the potential to be spun into yarn, but would again be strong yet uncomfortable to wear.  However their strength and warmth make them suitable for other appliations such as various woven fabrics; we do not like to waste such great fibres and are always looking for way to use them.

Down-Hair Fibres: the softest of all these fibres, usually finer than 20 microns in diameter, we focus on using those between 17.5-19 microns to ensure garments are extremely soft and warm.  While we could use finer, we believe this bracket gives us the right balance between softness and durability.  The yield of this fibre is relatively low, meaning it is expensive to source, but we believe is worth it due to its incredible softness, warmth and comfort.


Win a sweater and beanie from Khunu

We've teamed up with Khunu to give you the chance to win a Burgandy Balto Sweater and a Fisherman Beanie.  The Burgandy Balto is a technical sweater for a technical man. Khunu's first crew neck sweater takes a timeless design and adds a distinct saddle shoulder and contrast stitch texture to the shoulder and arms. 

Some Himalayan warmth is never amiss when facing squally Atlantic storms.  Made to the highest standards by Khunu's partner factory in London, the Fisherman Beanie is carefully shaped for a clean look, displaying a few distinctive Khunu features, and can be worn folded or unfolded.  Whether you’re navigating the high seas or rugged coastlines, this yak beanie will keep you toasty whatever the weather. 

To win, simply complete the form below with your details no later than 4pm on Friday, 4 December.  One entry per person, and one winner will be chosen at random by The Version. You prize will be posted direct to you by The Version to the postal address provided.  The competition will win the prizes listed above and will be able to choose the size of the sweater they receive.

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