Review: Al Murray – The Pub Landlord: One Man, One Guvnor live at Curve Theatre, Leicester.

Al Murray aka the Pub Landlord is running for ruler. Don’t worry that the general election has been and gone, nor that he only picked up 318 votes in the constituency of South Thanet, because I think he has his sights on a bigger picture… president, king, emperor..? No longer settling for the role of the (kangaroo) court jester, the Pub Landlord is making a play for the big time.

My guess is his trailblazing campaign tour – One Man, One Guvnor – coinciding with the general election was mere coincidence. That he opposed a man who rhymes with garage in the election was simply a marking of territory.  The Pub Landlord, who is known for pint of ale in hand and not being taken too seriously felt Nige was moving in on his act. In the landlord’s own words “What have things come to, that a bloke waving around a pint and offering common sense solutions to the world could ever be taken seriously?”

The use of bread and circuses is a political trick as old as the Romans and one that is as evident today as ever, with the Mayor of London the perfect exemplar. The Pub Landlord has won over many fans with his comedy and is known to be generous with his bar – “pint for the fella and a glass of white wine / fruit-based drink for the lady”. One Man, One Guvnor, uses beer and comedy to poke fun at the status quo and perhaps worryingly makes more sense than a lot of our politicians. As he put to the audience, any problem can be answered given the right amount of alcohol – “that turned out to be a seven pint problem” is a line familiar to all of us given the laughter of the audience.

Twenty years of calling time at the bar has given the Pub Landlord more exposure to the electorate than most seasoned politicians. His observations are made with an astuteness that resonates with Joe Public. He remains up there as the best in the business for audience participation/humiliation that not only endears him to us, it leaves us wanting more. Would I vote for him and his policies? Probably not. But join his parliament for a night of entertainment? Most certainly so.

Our verdict:

One word – Brilliant!

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