Byron Hamburgers just stole Christmas, with their incredible festive specials!

Mince pies, check. Stollen, check. Yule log, check.  We know what you’ll be eating this season but if you don’t mind, we’d like to suggest another contender to the throne.   Ladies and gents, meet Father Cheesemas.


Yep, forget the fat guy in the suit, the only thing we want to come down the chimney this year is one of Byron’s December specials.   Father Cheesemas is a burger that lives up to its name. It’s big, it’s classic, and it’s going to leave you with rosy cheeks and a special warm feeling.    Picture this.  Two 6oz hamburgers, bacon Freddar ™ cheese (this is the business!), crispy bacon, pickles, shredded iceberg, beautiful chipotle ketchup and a stunning honey-mustard sauce.  Now this is what you want on your list to the big man this year.   We’ve tried some Byron specials in our time but they really have saved the best til last this year, with a burger that will knock your stockings off (as in the ones you put presents in, not the kinky type).


Byron know how to cook a burger. Their meat is fantastic and perfectly cooked, so you’re not going to feel like you’ve been robbed by the hamburgler with some over-priced patty in a bun.  Not in the slightest.

For just £12.95 this burger really is something else.  Cancel your Christmas party because all you’re going to need is this, perhaps with a side of Byron’s brilliant sweet potato fries or some of their really special fries with the skins left on.  Throw in some of their special dips and a pint (yes, Byron listened to us and they now do draft lager!) and that’s all you need to make the festive season go with a bang.  

Above, you can see another of Byron's new additions, their awesome Oreo cheesecake. This baby boasts a Oreo cookie base, vanilla and Oreo cheescake, topped with... more Oreos.  For only £4.95 it's like all your Christmasses just came at once! 

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