One Smoking Hot Christmas Present for the Chef in Your Life...

Tis the season to be jolly... and to be well fed! We absolutely love to pig out this time of year on all those great foods but when two day turkey become four day turkey and you've already made it into curry and sandwiches and curry again, you are going to want to have this smoking gun up your sleeve from Nisbets

So, make sure you give it to someone you love (and who you will be around) this christmas and get ready to go on a culinary and tastebud adventure. The Polyscience Smoking Gun is a handheld, domestic grade food smoker, which can be used to add wonderful flavours to pretty much any food you can think of. Now, just because you can doesn't always mean you should . . . but in most cases you really should! in fact, once you've started it's a bit addictive and you end up creating concoctions Heston would be proud of.


How does it work?

Essentially it is a little fan with a burn chamber and a nozzle.  Place some wood chips in the burn chamber, start the fan, set alight to the chips, and moments later a rich smoke will be coming out of the nozzle.  The smoking gun is supplied with two pots of wood chips - hickory and applewood - with many more flavours available from including bourbon soaked oak and cherry wood.  Once the smoke is flowing you simply direct it into a container such as zip-seal freezer bags, pyrex ovenware, or our personal favourite - the crystal decanter. The container doesn't have to be transparent but for the effect and the wow factor it really helps if it is. the food or liquid  in the container instantly starts to pick up the flavour of the smoke. after a minute or two, it will be infused with the flavour and ready to serve.

What can you smoke?

As suggested previous, pretty much anything is smokable! we've tried it with meats, with fish, with crisps and toasties and baked beans. but our personal favourite: smoked cocktails.  It works on two levels. firstly, it looks wicked cool when you're serving up an old fashioned in a silver cloud that slinks over the tabletop. secondly, THEY TASTE AMAZING ! enough said.

So whether you buy it for a loved one, or if you're lucky enough to receive one yourself, don't think about waiting until day two or three of turkey before trying it out. we're telling you, it's the smoking gun for a Christmas dinner to die for.  


Our verdict:  The deadliest kitchen gadget around. Buy it, here.

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