Put your needles away, Grandma! Old Harry's knitted sweaters are what we want this Christmas!

There's something about British knitwear brands.  You can just imagine the hard work and care that has gone into producing these projects and you can feel and smell the quality.

That's certainly true for Old Harry.  Old Harry is named after the rock stack that stands at the end of Studland Bay in Poole in Dorset. The rocks are the namesake of an infamous local pirate called Harry Paye who was famous for adventure and plunder on the high seas. It's said he used to hide his loot among the caves that now bear his name. Some say it's still there - if you look hard enough!

Old Harry is one of those brands that doesn't mess about, either. They know what they do well and they stick to it. So, on their website, you'll find a shop with one style of sweater in five different colours, all at one price.  So you've got grey, cream, dark grey, black and navy, all at the ridiculously reasonable price of £65. They're made with 100% cotton and can be washed at 30%.   Both the garments and the packaging scream luxury, and so whether you're after a last minute Christmas present or want to treat yourself, you won't quite believe that Old Harry sweaters only cost £65.

Our Verdict: Thank god Old Harry plunged into the high seas because he's inspired a clothing range which is legendary in its own right.  Shop the range now at oldharry.com


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