Introducing Jaqet handmade Californian Wallets.

There's a change a coming. Have you noticed how you're using less cash nowadays with contactless making it so easy.  And soon it will be less cards too as payments start being made with phones. That's not to say we are ready to do away with wallets anytime soon. We're just glad that JAQET have downsized and up-styled the wallet at the same time with their designs.


Handmade in California from full grain leather, the manufacturing process involves dyeing, cutting and stitching the leather before branding it with the JAQET logo. Every piece has its own unique qualities ensuring no two wallets are the same. Not that you're likely to confuse a JAQET wallet with any other you own. Their original and distinctive look ensure this will become your wallet of choice.


Our verdict: worth every penny. Buy now from

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