Introducing Ruark, makers of stunning sound systems for your aural pleasure.

Stunning sound, incredible design and perfect usability.  They’re not the words from a press release, they’re our words, and we’re talking about Ruark Audio systems.


Staggeringly, Ruark is a British-based, family business, and the reason we’re staggered is because these machines far out-do many of the “leading” brands we bet you can think of that create audio systems and charge a fortune for them.

Reading the Ruark story, the family say “We believe that good music and radio should be listened to through the best systems; and that quality sound should be available not just to hi fi enthusiasts but to every music lover. Whether you’re looking for the best design or the perfect sound, we think you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer”.  Well if ever there’s an example of a brand that’s actually achieved its vision, you’re reading about them now.


So why exactly are they so good?   Firstly, the design of these products cannot be ignored.  Everything comes in either soft white, soft black and rich walnut and the whole range is so on trend, purchasers ought to be designing their rooms around them.  The range includes Bluetooth Speakers, a mountable system, and an all-in-one product with CD, internet and DAB radio, but we’re going to focus on the R2.  A machine so bloody beautiful you’ll be happy enough to sit and look at it without even turning it on.


But of course, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do – turn it on and savour the sound because my god this is something else.   Just take a look at these specs and weep:


  • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS 
  • Internet Radio function provides access to radio stations worldwide 
  • Spotify Connect ready 
  • Bluetooth with aptX gives CD quality streaming with compatible devices 
  • Wi-Fi capability allows networking music streaming 
  • High contrast OLED display 
  • USB charge and playback port 
  • Stereo headphone output 
  • Class leading sound quality 


  • Two switchable line inputs 
  • Easy to use dual alarm system 
  • Multi-room capability allows additional R2’s to be linked together with synchronised sound
  • 10 station presets for DAB, FM & Internet Radio (30 in total) 
  • Wireless DLNA audio streaming from networked storage devices and PCs 
  • Compact remote control 
  • 20 watts nominal power output 



Yes, Yes, YES! So just to clarify, you can sync this thing up with your Bluetooth or wi-fi, you can link it to your Spotify account, you can enjoy DAB stations in all their glory and if needs must, you can insert your USB in the back and play your collection that way.


The front display and the rota-dial on the top make for fantastic usability and of course, there’s a remote that’s so slick, it’s a dream to use.  



Ultimately though, it’s about the sound and we cannot convey to you just how good it is.  For a unit which isn’t actually that big – AND has built in speakers, you would never believe how the R2 can fill a room with incredible sound.  We definitely suggest you get down to a store and ask to have a play, then you’ll know exactly what we mean.


To give you an idea on price, the R2 costs £399.95 in John Lewis, which for something this good, something that isn’t going to date, and something that packs this sound is seriously worth the investment.


Ruark have positioned themselves at the very top of the home audio market and The Version just cannot rate them highly enough.


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