Introducing our new fitness experts, LDN Muscle.


The Version are thrilled to announce we've hooked up with top fitness company LDN Muscle.  The guys have years of experience in the fitness and health industry and we can't wait for them to share their expertise with our readers in new and exclusive blogs, coming soon.

Their blog will launch real soon, but until then here's what the lads have to say about their brand: 

"We’re two sets of brothers from South West London – comprising of the Bridger Brothers, Max and Lloyd, and the Exton Twins, James and Tom.

Having trained together for years – each with a slightly differing background but the same goal: a natural, lean and aesthetic physique. As a group, we have all been heavily involved in weight training and promoting the often-overlooked importance of general health and fitness.

Having all extensively trained for a number of years and having had to fit this around full-time education, University and now around our full-time professions and social lives, we whole heartily empathies with the juggling act that is required to progress. We create all our guides with this firmly in mind.

We all approach areas from a slightly different angle, we all have our own positive and negative experiences to draw on when providing practical advice and opinions about both training and nutrition. This valuable knowledge, gained over years of experience will help you reach your training goals and develop the lean and natural looking muscular results that we all strive for. With advice and tips to suit everyone, no matter what your starting point is.

We are, and always have been 100% natural, using only legal, commonly available supplements- strictly no pro-hormones, steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. We are intent on spreading the natural ethos we all uphold. LDNMuscle aims to open people’s eyes to the dishonesty, false claims and naturally unattainable physiques that are sadly often sold to people with a gimmicky supplement or generic one size fits all plan.

We’re all proud to practice what we preach- our muscular gains have not been drastic over a period of months, we have had to work hard year on year, learning from our mistakes and determining what kind of training and nutrition works for us; all four of us with different genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike many other companies, LDNMuscle offers unrivalled advice, support and motivation with NO hidden agendas".

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