Red's True BBQ: Where meat gets biblical.

Last Thursday we went to join the sacred flock at Shoreditch’s latest place BBQ-ey worship, Red’s True BBQ.

With a number of their restaurants opening throughout the UK, we were excited to see what Red’s would bring to the crowded London food scene.

Red’s really is a shrine to all things meaty.  Inside it could be best described as Americana-inspired shabby chic, with a chandelier-wielding mishmash of décor upstairs. Playing eclectic beats, and hosting live music in the woodland-inspired bar downstairs, this place is anything but stuffy.

As soon as you walk in you are confronted with deep meaty smells from the open kitchen. We started with some sticky chicken wings (there is very little room for cutlery at Red’s), macaroni cheese balls (more cheese next time please), burnt ends, and our favourite: bacon wrapped jalapenos (salty, meaty, smoky, spicy goodness - we were in heaven). 


After a breather, the next meaty onslaught was served. Waiters carried food on dustbin lids and there were audible gasps in the room as people were served their mountains of meat.

The menu at Red’s mixes the traditional with some in-your-face food combos.  The platter was layered with all sorts of goodies. Our offering included babyback ribs, BBQ chicken, jalapeño sausage, bone marrow, gherkins, cornbread and… more ribs. This is not somewhere to bring people who don’t like to eat with their hands or get food on their face, as table manners quickly went out the window.

If all that food wasn’t enough, there was one crowning glory. The donut burger. Initially we approached it with some scepticism, but the salty, prime-beef burger, with BBQ sauce and cheese, sandwiched between two fluffy fresh donuts, was celestial.


And if that wasn’t gratuitous enough, the platter was served with whiskey shots.

Red’s humble and divine sides are varied, offering fresh, buttery greens and sweet potatoes loaded with beans, sour cream and cheese. Their skin on fries were particularly heavenly; dipped in bone marrow.

The easy-going chap serving us told us about Red’s story and how it was founded after two friends went on a meat pilgrimage around America and how Red’s True BBQ claim to be ending the plague of bad British BBQs. To that we have one word.




Atmosphere:  5/5
Novelty factor: 4/5
Venue: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5 (Lovely staff but a bit slow at times- but it was super busy)

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