Pusser's Painkiller. Introducing our new favourite cocktail recipe, made with Pusser's Rum.

All good spirits need recognition; and rum is no different. This popular beverage, made from molasses and usually aged in oak barrels has a history as rich and full flavoured as the drink itself.   We’ve teamed up with Pusser’s to bring you the recipe for their million dollar cocktail; The Painkiller.


The Painkiller has a rich history, first recognised at the Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands. The bar was so named, as you had to swim to it; thus your dollars would be somewhat ‘soggy’. It’s since become known as the million dollar cocktail thanks to one restaurant chain in the US. Last year alone, Cheddar’s Casual Café, which has been selling the Pusser’s Painkiller for more than a decade, made over $1million in sales. The cocktail first appeared on the Cheddar’s menu after the restaurant founder met Charles Tobias of Pusser’s Rum.


This refreshing cocktail has a bourbon-esque profile with Pusser’s Rum giving it a unique flavour; the perfect drink for National Rum Day. Who wouldn’t want to sup on that?


Pusser’s Painkiller


·         35ml Pusser’s 40%ABV Rum (or 54.5% ABV)

·         25ml Coco Re’al Cream of Coconut (available from Fortnum and Mason’s)

·         25ml  Orange Juice

·         100ml Pineapple Juice



1.       Shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain in to service vessel over fresh ice.

2.       Garnish with further 15ml of Pusser’s 54.5%abv rum and fresh ground nutmeg



Pusser's is the original Royal Navy rum, not just dark rum. Navy style rum by definition must contain rum drawn from pot stills in the region of the Demerera Valley, hence, the nickname of “the valley of the Navy rum”.  There are only two production capacity wooden pot stills in the world and both are located in Guyana at the Diamond Distillery. Pusser’s Rum uses a large proportion of this pot still rum in its blend. First introduced to the Royal Navy in 1655 as a substitute for beer, Pusser's rum is one of the most historic and traditional rums available today.  The name is a corruption of the word “Purser” the person responsible for maintaining the rum and its distribution amongst the crew.

Production of Pusser's rum today is in accordance with the original blend approved by the Admiralty.  Pusser's is 100% natural and is still produced at Admiralty issuing strength, which is 54.5%, as well as other strengths depending on their markets.


The Version reckon Pusser’s deserves pride of place in any decent drinks cupboard, and to find out exactly where you can buy it, visit pussersrum.com.

The Version