Food Review: Coast 2 Coast fails to stand out amongst the crowd.

Coast 2 Coast restaurants set out to give customers a “gastronomic adventure across America”, with a varied menu that includes Burgers, Fajita’s, Hot Dog, Pizza’s and Calzone – among other things.

So do they achieve their mission?  Hmm, being honest, no. The only sense of there being anything American about it is the bits of U.S. memorabilia that is fixed to the walls.  For everything else, there is no sense of it having anything to do with the U.S. of A and instead, the chain seems to fall somewhere between Frankie and Benny’s, Chiquito’s and Byron – but lacks the distinctive offering of any of those by trying to please all.


As for the quality of the food, it was good, but not good enough to make us go “wow!”.    I opted for the slider, which was three very well cooked burgers, the best involving some stilton and the worst with a topping of pulled pork with no kind of sauce on it.  This was something that was new to us – fairly dry pulled pork does not hit the spot.    The Coast 2 Coast “double burger” (pictured above) is billed as “not for the faint-hearted”.   Well, my dining partner has been known to put away a good amount of food in his time but this didn’t overly fill him at all.  Whilst it consists of two 6oz beef burgers, it didn’t look that massive and the “BBQ flavoured pulled pork” was again, very dry with no kind of BBQ Sauce on it.  The whole thing came with fries and slaw which were good, but again, not distinctive.   It didn’t look like a £16.99 plate of food, that’s for sure.


We didn’t dislike the food, but it was no way worth these prices and the burgers were well short of the standard we’ve had in similar chains elsewhere.


We opted to skip on the desserts as none of them were freshly prepared and our beers were extortionate at almost £5 a pint.  For real.


On a positive note, the waiting staff were lovely and the restaurant was pretty full for a week day lunchtime, and from what we could see, most of the customers looked happy.


Our advice to Coast 2 Coast is if you’re going to pitch yourself as a “gastronomic adventure across America” you need to work a lot harder on bringing that mission to life.


The Version’s Verdict:


Overall:  2/5

Food: 2.5/5

Atmosphere:  3/5

Value for money: 2/5

Staff:  4/5

The Version