Check out these sick wooden audio systems, for your aural and visual pleasure.

Pair together a top-of-the-range audio system with some chic wooden styling and your bachelor pad will soon be the envy of your mates.

Here, The Version check out some of the best...

Marantz Consolette

Taking its design language from historic Marantz hi-fi systems of the '50s and '60s, (for example its use of the Marantz porthole display and gyro touch wheel control) the £700 Marantz Consolette is the world's ultimate dock. This is a hugely sophisticated sound system that brings hi-fi separates sound to docks for the first time, it cradles your iPhone, incorporates Apple AirPlay technology to stream music, works with Android and Windows devices, and can play songs from anything connected to your wireless home network. A single piece of walnut at the rear is fronted by a fabric enclosure and a solid aluminium base.

Peachtree Audio decco65

The decco65 is a beautiful looking piece of hi-fi that has been built to amaze with music stored on your PC or phone. The design, from pioneering US manufacturer Peachtree Audio, has the sole aim of delivering a sonic performance equal to the world’s best CD players from a PC, smartphone or streaming device. As well-designed as its electronics engineering is the model’s refined industrial design, with the decco65 taking in an smart and superbly finished metal and wood cabinet, which as well as rosewood and cherry can also come in almost any finish you require, as part of a bespoke colour matching service. The model has caused quite a stir in the US with its beautiful combination of cutting-edge and classic technologies. The £849 decco65 places a Class D digital amplifier and state-of-the-art DAC with the more traditional qualities of valve pre-amp technology. The result is a wonderfully elegant high-end solution that merely requires speakers for class-leading sound.

Dynaudio Excite X14 standmount speaker

£750 per pair
Dynaudio's wonderful new Excite range of loudspeakers aims to offer high-end sound and build quality, but without the high-end price tag. The speakers also offer a cool, contemporary Scandinavian style, and incorporate some incredible technology to deliver class leading sound. 

Founded in 1977 Dynaudio is one of an elite group of companies still to design and build every single aspect of its products at the company's Skanderborg HQ in Denmark. This is a centre of pioneering R&D technology and state-of-the-art precision manufacturing. The company's high-end products also offer levels of craftsmanship long forgotten by other brands.
Dynaudio's award-winning products can be found in everything from the Bugatti Veyron to over 10,000 recording studios worldwide, such as London's Air and the BBC, where it is standard in all studios.


Ruark Audio R7


Inspired by 60's design the R7 is Ruark's latest iconic piece. With stunning looks and amazing audio quality, it is a revolutionary music centre in the true spirit of the classic radiogram. Crafted from real walnut, aluminium and glass, the R7 features a high performance CD player that plays standard and MP3 discs, Bluetooth with lossless aptX music replay and DLNA Wi-Fi for streaming from external compatible computers or music servers. There's also a DAB+/FM/Internet radio and digital and analogue outputs, making the R7 your central sound player for your entertainment needs.

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