Guys, discover this season's underwear trends.

Men’s underwear is taking centre stage this year with more colours, more emphasis on fashion, but also more demand for comfort. That is the verdict of the founder of the Deadgoodundies website, Adam Davies.

“We’ve also kicked off the year with a surprise – last year micro briefs replaced thongs as our top selling style after thongs held the top slot for three years. Now there’s huge demand for tangas, where the deep elastic waistband also forms the straps around the side of the body,” he explains.

“Colourwise reds and pinks are hot, blues are bright and men are enjoying patterns from candy stripes to exotic plaids. But above all they want comfort as well as looks.”

Adam doesn’t reveal exactly who’s buying what: “The advantage of the internet is that men can buy in total privacy. So the guy you think lives in boring old boxers could be wearing something very different…”

Current and consistent best selling brand for DGU is Joe Snyder, but others like Olaf Benz, Bruno Banani and Mundo Unico jostle for position too. was founded in 2007 and today sells nearly 30 brands of underwear, plus swimwear, loungewear, nightwear and socks from selected collections.

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